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Holocaust Geographies Collaboratives's founders Alberto Giordano, Anne Knowles, Paul Jaskot and Tim Cole' interview by Claudio Fogu and Todd Presner is published in Probing the Ethics of Holocaust Culture.
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Team at USC

Holocaust Geographies Collaboratives's founders Alberto Giordano, Anne Knowles, Paul Jaskot and Tim Cole with Wolf Grunner, director of the USC Shoah Foundation Center for Advanced Genocide Research.

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The book Geographies of the Holocaust, published in 2014, presents some of the work of the research group.


About the collaborative

The Holocaust Geographies Collaborative is a multi-institutional, collaborative research group that uses mapping and geography to examine spaces and places of the Holocaust. The group came together in 2007 at a workshop hosted by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to discuss how geography, mapping and geo-visualization can shed new light on the history of the Holocaust.

So far, the Holocaust Geographies Collaborative has examined several topics: the spatial system of concentration camps; an architectural and visibility study of Auschwitz; victim transports to Italy; forced evacuations from Auschwitz at the end of World War II; and a detailed study of the Budapest ghetto.

In their research, the group creates maps and other visualizations (geographic information science, or GIS) illustrating where events of the Holocaust occurred, where and how people moved from place to place, and other data. For example, the group created an interactive map showing the locations of all the concentration camps in Europe and when they opened and closed over time.

Upcoming Events

  • Online - Duke University
    What is a ghetto

    Paul Jaskot, Shaul Bassi, and Karen Auerbach, will examine the term "Ghetto" and its representation and use in diverse geographical and historical contexts as part of the "What is… Dialogue Series, Global Jewish Modernism". Details and links.

  • The Courtauld, London & Online
    Paul Jaskot's lecture

    Paul Jaskot will give a lecture titled “Digital Art History as Social Art History: Working through Architecture and the Built Environment of Krakow During Nazi Occupation" as part of the Frank Davis Memorial Lecture Series.
    Details and registration.