Arrests in Italy dataset

In 2002, Liliana Picciotto Fargion published a revised edition of her 1991 list of about 9,000 Jews deported from Italy during the Holocaust. The list is the backbone of the historical GIS (HGIS) of the Holocaust in Italy created by Giordano and Holian (2014), which includes the names of 6,116 victims for whom the location of arrest was known, along with information regarding the victim’s birthplace and birth date, the names of the victim’s mother, father, and spouse, the date of arrest, the camp of final deportation, intermediate places of detention in Italy, and the victim’s fate. Information about family groups was later added to this dataset. Not included in the HGIS are individuals for whom the place of arrest was not known, or who were not deported, or who were arrested in territories that are not part of Italy today (for example, the island of Rhodes in Greece). The dataset at core of this HGIS can be dynamically searched below.

Please contact Alberto Giordano if you want to acquire a copy of the entire database.


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This dataset has been created with the help of Texas State graduate students Michele Tucci, Shelley Burleson and Maël Le Noc.

The creation of this dataset has been made possible thanks to the support of the National Science Foundation and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.