Holocaust Survivors in Budapest dataset

In the summer of 1945, Jewish organizations in Budapest undertook a door-to-door survey to identify survivors of the Holocaust who were living in the city at the time. The information collected included the respondent’s address of residence, place and date of birth, mother’s name, and the maiden’s name for married women. This material was published in 1946 by the Jewish World Congress. On this page is the HGIS of the Counted Remnants created by Cole, Giordano, and collaborators at Texas State University. The HGIS includes over 70,000 survivors and was completed in 2020.

Please contact Alberto Giordano or Tim Cole for more information about the database.


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This dataset has been created with the help of Texas State graduate students Francesco Zignol, Keagan McNew, Mayowa Lasode, Mark Deka, and Jin He.

The creation of this dataset has been made possible thanks to the support of the Toni Schiff Memorial Fund.